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   Array Layout Information
Total sitesRow*ColumnQC control
SEED PeptidesDerived PeptidesControl Peptides
Total PeptidesAvailable sitesCurrent Panel
00panel 1
   Design Chart
   Array Configuration
   Compose Peptides
   SEED Peptides
   Derived Peptides
   Design Panel
   Set replicate for peptides
   View/Construct a Panel
   Output Layout File
   Select Panels for Synthesis
   PepArray Layout
   Restart a New Panel
   Restart a New Array
Enter source of SEED peptides
 1.     Peptides from Screen or File
 2.     Peptides from Protein Tiling
 3.     Peptides from Phospho. ELM
 4.     Peptides from PepCyber P~PEP
 5.     Peptides by Design
 6.     Peptides from KEGG Pathways
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